Thursday, June 25th 2009

Testing Period of QuickGene Extended Through Summer

Following all the great feedback we've been receiving, we would like to thank all our users for all their help and have decided to extend the test-period throughout the summer months! Thanks to you, QuickGene is growing rapidly and constantly becoming faster and more robust.

To extend the testing period of QuickGene, it needs to be updated to the latest version, 0.4.2, before July 1st!

You can do this easily by starting up QuickGene and, if it does not begin updating on it's own, selecting "Check for updates" in the help menu. If you have a version older than 0.3, you will need to download the newest installer from using the email address you signed up with. After installing, follow the same steps to perform the update. You can check which version you have by selecting "About QuickGene" in the help menu.