Friday, June 4th 2010

Free QuickGene Webinar

We're happy to invite you to our first open QuickGene webinar! For a link to register for free, see below.

Our own Eric Lammertsma will be giving a free webinar on Tuesday, June 8th, sketching the situation in molecular biology today, where laboratory tools are becoming increasingly useful and impressive, while development of the software available to researchers seems to have frozen in the '90s.

This is the platform from which the development of QuickGene was launched, finally providing researchers with the usability we have come to expect from software in 2010. Eric will be highlighting how QuickGene continues to strive toward this goal, reviewing its most innovative features, how it can save you time and how incredibly easy it is to learn and work with. He will also be unveiling the upcoming "Smart Lists" feature, which will finally make paper enzyme catalogs completely irrelevant!

The agenda includes:

  • A short introduction and sketch of today’s lab

  • The status of current DNA analysis products

  • QuickGene’s modernized features:

    • Intuitive interface and mapping tool

    • Robust, easy-to-use search engine

    • One-click melting temperatures and weights

    • Instant statistics & cleavage tables

    • Optimal reaction conditions for all enzymes

    • Unveiling of the upcoming "Smart Lists" feature

  • A review of the included free monthly updates, features and support

The webinar is being hosted by Micronic North America on Tuesday, June 8th at 2PM EST. To register, simply sign up at

See you there!